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Triaxial cells are provided in two different dimensions, mod. S305
and S306. Top and low cell caps are made in aluminium corodal alloy
and the transparent cell cylinder is in high resistant acrylic material.
The cell can be easily assembled and disassembled by means of
quick clamping rods. In order to reduce as much as possible friction,
a particular care is deserved during loading ram realisation. The low
cell cap is supplied with “four inlet valves”: back pressure, low drainage,
pore pressure, cell pressure.
In order to measure the specimen axial deformation, an adjustable
dial gauge or a displacement transducer is also provided.
Note: No top caps, base adapters, rubber membranes and sealing
rings, porous stones, dial gauges, etc. are included
and should be ordered separately. In the table all
accessories for triaxial cells are listed.

Note: Cell S305 can be also used also for specimens having
diameter 50×100 and 38×76 mm with accessories of
suitable diameter, but it is not suitable for 100×200 mm
Note: Cell S306 can be also used also for specimens having
diameter 70×140, 50×100 and 38×76 mm with accessories
of suitable diameter.

RUBBER MEMBRANE, to isolate the specimen from cell water.
“O” RING, to seal the membrane around the top cap and the base
MEMBRANE STRETCHER, to stretch the membrane during its positioning,
avoiding to disturb the specimen.
SPLIT FORMER, to prepare coarse grain soil specimens. It is made
of two aluminium halves.
SPLIT MOULD, to trim the ends of undisturbed specimens. It is
made of two aluminium halves.
TOP CAP WITH DRAINAGE, to load the whole cross section area of
specimen when drainage is required. It is made of anodized aluminium.
Connector is provided.
BASE ADAPTER, used to adapt the triaxial cell to the specimen
diameter. It is made of aluminium.
POROUS DISCS, to allow the drainage in or out of the specimen in
the whole cross sectional area, toward the top cap and the lower
base. Two pieces are required. They are made of phosphor bronze.
PERSPEX PLAIN DISCS, to replace porous discs in undrained tests.
Two pieces are required. They are made of 10 mm thick Perspex.
FILTER PAPER FOR LATERAL DRAINAGE, for lateral drainage on low
permeability specimens.

FILTER PAPER FOR BASE, to avoid passages of soil particles into the
porous stones.
CORE CUTTER, to cut soil cohesive specimens in correct diameters
from bigger samples. It is made of stainless steel with a cutting

DOLLY FOR EXTRACTION, to extrude the specimen from the core
DRAIN BURETTE, to prepare coarse grain specimens by applying a
negative pressure to the base of the specimen and to measure the
water volume change in or out the specimen during testing with
specimen open to the atmosphere. Two models are available: 10 ml
capacity for specimens up to 70 mm ø and 50 ml for specimens up
to 100 mm ø It is supplied with cell rod and cell couplings.
“O” RING FOR BASE ADAPTER, to seal the membrane on the base
adapter and the top cap.
FLARING TOOL, to cut and prepare the ends of nylon tubes which
have to be fixed to the suitable connectors.



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