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Used for load compression measurement applied by the testing machine.
Made from hardened alloy steel, they are chrome-coated and complete with upper and lower coupling blocks having M10 female gas thread.
The accuracy is ± 1% of applied load and repeatability is within 0.2%
Each ring is supplied complete with calibration chart made by PC
Large range from 0.5 kN to 100 kN in the following versions:
S370 Serie with dial gauge 0.01 mm graduation
S371 Serie with dial gauge 0.001 mm graduations
S372 Serie with digital gauge 0.001 mm graduation, including battery and RS232 port to PC connection.

Stop electrical safety device to stop the machine when reaching
the max. capacity of the ring, to prevent any overload damage.
For ordering you have to add the letter “S” at the end of the load
ring code.
Ex.: S370-09S
S374 Stem mechanical brake device, it holds the max.
reached value on the dial gauge, with manual zero
S374-02 Ball seat, complete with connector, for an articulated
coupling to the testing machine.

S373-05 COUPLING DEVICE between the dial indicator and the
load ring.


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