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STANDARDS: EN 196-3 | EN 480-2 | EN 13279-2 (gypsum) | ASTM C187, C191 | DIN 1168, 1196 | NF P15-414, P15-431 | AASHTO T131
The Vicatronic apparatus, that is designed and manufactured using the most recent and sophisticated technology, is used for the initial and final
setting time determination of cements or mortar pastes.
The unit is manufactured with anticorrosion and tropicalised components to be used in places with humidity not below 90% and 20°C.
controlled temperature as required by EN Specifications.
The entire test is made in a fully automatic way and gives a very precise and repeatable result. The results are printed on the incorporated
printer and this eliminates the manual operations of installing and zeroing the paper graph on the drum.
The use of the appliance is extremely simplified by the guiding menu that is available in english, french, spanish, german, polish, italian
The Vicatronic is supplied with the standard programs to make automatically, all the tests according to the following Standards:
EN 196-3 | EN 13279-2 gypsum | EN 480-2 | ASTM C191 | DIN 1164 | DIN 1168 gypsum | NF P15/431 | BS 4550 | AASHTO T131

Large high contrast and high resolution
LCD screen.
Real time graphic display of the test.
Fully automatic test performance.
Customizable programs for research tests.
Suitable to operate through the embedded control
unit or a separate PC.

The mobile probe weighs 300 g (1000 g following the EN, NF
Standards), the penetration needle has 1.13 mm diameter (1 mm
following ASTM Standard) and its fall can be programmed in free
fall or in guided fall. Totally flexible as far as the time is concerned,
the penetrations time can be selected between 0.5 minutes and
999 minutes (fix interval between two penetrations of a test) or
can change during the test up to 5 different phases with different
interval time; it can even change automatically during the setting
time fixing a penetration depth. The two options described here
above can be combined together.
The penetration measure is read by a very accurate encoder having
a resolution of 0.1 mm
The Vicatronic also calculates, visualises and prints:
– The time from the moment of the sample preparation
(set by the operator).
– The time the test starts.
– The residual time to the next penetration.
– The residual time to the end of the test
– The number of penetrations made and the residual penetrations
to be made.

The firmware allows activating
a delay on the appliance to
the beginning of the test. This
program is particularly useful
when the approximate setting
time of the mortar is known
and the operator wants to start
the working of the Vicatronic
after a certain time in order to
concentrate the penetrations
with a short interval of time
between them and have better
measuring values.
The Vicatronic can memorise all
the test parameters and results
and keeps a file with a capacity
of more than 50 complete tests.
In case of a power cut, even a
short one, during the test execution,
the test will be invalidated
and the appliance will be automatically
stop keeping the set
At the end of the test the appliance
will print automatically by
the incorporated printer a report
with all data concerning the last
test made including a graph tracing
each single penetration with
its values of time and penetration
number (see example printed).

Despite the totally independent working of the machine that
includes an incorporated printer, the Vicatronic has been designed
for a PC connection (RS232) with the possibility to download the
test data using a common program (Microsoft Hyper Terminal) that
is normally incorporated with the Windows package of the PC. In
this case the data processing will have to be made by the operator.
The Vicat-Win software (accessory mod. E044-11) allows
receiving, managing, processing and completing the test dates;
it will trace automatically the graph, personalise and print the test
The Vicatronic offers the possibility, buying the kit Vicat-Net
(accessory mod. E044-12), to connect up to 20 appliances on a net
managed by a PC through two pins RJ45 with RS485 protocol. This
allows obtaining a complete remote control from the PC of each
single Vicatronic.
The details of the performances are following:
– Transfer each single control or function of the Vicatronic on the PC
– Verify in real time each phase of the test being made.
– Automatically download the final results at the end of the test on
all the connected Vicatronic.
– Process and file at the same time all the tests without obliging the
operator to move from his working place.
Additionally the firmware has many other functions detailed in the
technical chart that will be transmitted to the user interested to
know more about it.
The Vicatronic is supplied complete with the incorporated printer, two
hardened needles (one with 1 mm diameter and one with 1.13 mm
diameter), two conical moulds EN and ASTM, a glass plate to hold
the conical mould.
Power supply: 230V 1Ph 50-60Hz 50W
Dimensions: 400x200x470 mm
Weight: 13 kg approx.
E044-03 N
VICATRONIC, identical to mod. E044 N, but with possibility of
continuous penetrations each 15 seconds.

E044-11 SOFTWARE VICAT-WIN complete with connection cable
of 3 metres that allows by the RS232 port downloading,
processing, printing and managing all the data directly
from the PC.
E044-12 VICAT-NET KIT to connect up to 20 Vicatronic on a net
by means of two connectors RS485 managed by a PC.
The kit includes: the software, the RS232/485 converter
and the cable for the connection of one appliance. For
net connection of additional Vicatronics (up to max. 20)
see the below accessory mod. E044-13

E044-13 COMPLETE KIT with cable for serial connection RS485,
5 metres long for the connection of one Vicatronic to the
PC or to a net (cables with different length are available
on demand).


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