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The CB-CS series is the standard FDM climate
chamber category: you can select different temperature,
humidity and volume parameters.
You can also choose between a cyclic or a constant
climatic chamber: the cyclic climate chamber was developed
for programming different test cycles with different
temperatures during the same test.

The climatic chamber is an extremely important laboratory
tool also and above all because the various tests
to be carried out are regulated by different standards,
established by official research bodies.

The range of products to be tested is various, below
are some of the most important application areas:

cosmetic and pharmaceutical
electronic components
construction and building materials

For some categories, which require more strict and
accurate parameters and also the reproduction of more
“extreme” tests, we mostly refer to an environmental


Volumes from 140 up to 2300 liters
Adjustable temperature -25°C…+70°C
Humidity range 10…98%.
Internal shelves adjustable in height
Programmable controller revoFACE or stillFACE for stable testing
Internal forced and homogeneous ventilation
High and low temperature and humidity alarms
Electrical power 220-240V /50Hz or 110V

Configuration examples