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40C180V Series

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Environmental Chambers

The 40/70C180V series is the category of FDM’s
best performing environmental chambers: you can
choose different temperature, humidity and volume
You can also choose between a cyclic or constant climate
chamber, the latter for those who need a stable
test environment.
The environmental chamber is a fundamental instrument
for the laboratory, also and above all because
the various tests to be carried out are regulated by
the various standards established by official research
FDM environmental simulation chambers are equipped
with a thermo-glazed door with quadruple toughened
glass, to give a complete internal view of the chamber,
without penalizing the test performance. Excluding models
with a volume of 25 and 50 liters.
Moreover, as standard, the environmental chamber is
equipped with a lateral hole for the passage of cables
inside, 4 rotating wheels and the water tank for the
humidification system, positioned so as to have easy
access to it.