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LCB-LCS Series

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Growth Test Chambers

The Growth test chamber or the illumination chamber
reproduces natural conditions without unpredictability,
with lighting, temperature and homogeneous humidity,
according to different test requirements.
Its features make the growth chamber an essential tool
for agricultural and chemical research, and generally for
scientific purposes.
FDM manufactures climatic growth chambers for photostability
testing of all types, both standard and customized,
for the laboratories of companies, universities
and institutes.
Based on the type of light intensity, hence on the
specific area of application, there are four different
types of FDM growth chambers from the LCB-LCS
Daylamp – which reproduces full spectrum sunlight
Biolamp – selected spectrum, specific for insect growth
Fluolamp – towards the yellow area of the spectrum,
specific for plants
Arablamp – for Arabidopsis, a particular type of plant.
ICHlamp – Applicable according to ICH guidelines for
photostability testing