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A rolling stone gathers no moss. We develop quickly. In the measuring device sector and particularly for our highly precise devices we are always on the ball, further developing our devices, setting new trends and also producing new developments. Here at ZORN INSTRUMENTS you will find a high degree of willingness to innovate and a powerful engineering spirit.

Assembly – post processing

  • Coating: Component electroplating with Zinc, nickel, chromium, etc.
  • Anodising of aluminium:   In a very wide range of colours or hard coatings
  • Surface finishing:  Brushing; matting; polishing; blasting; painting; powder coating
  • Heat treatment:   +NT; +QT

Other Services

  • Assembly of individual components/assemblies
  • Hardening of stainless steel components
  • welding using MAG and WIG processes
  • Surface finishing with the aid of glass bead and corundum blasting