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It accepts up to 3 shear boxes or consolidation cells.
Used to applly a constant load on the specimen in the shear box, so
as to shorten the test duration when a lot of specimens have to be
tested and just few shear machines are available. The frame can
also be used to consolidate oedometric cells. Produced in a rugged
steel structure, it is supplied complete with three lever arms ratio
10:1 having each max. load up to 550 kg, centering devices and
dial gauge holders. Supplied without weights, water container, cells
and dial gauges to be ordered separately.
Dimensions: 2300x450x900 mm
Weight: 150 kg approx.

S291 WATER CONTAINER, made from plexiglass and aluminium,
it accomadates the shear box up to max size
Ø 60 mm or 60 mm during the consolidation test, by
keeping the specimen deep into the water.
S291-01 WATER CONTAINER, it accomodates all the shear boxes
up to Ø 100 mm or 100 mm size.
S273 KIT Set of 50 kg of slotted weights
S376 Dial gauge 10×0.01 mm


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