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STANDARDS: ASTM D3080-72 | NF P94-071-1 | NF P94-071-2
BS 1377:7
To be used with the shear testing machine, data acquisition
processing version, mod. S276-01
ShearLab Reports is the new informatic tool which allows geotechnical
laboratories to process data and to view the results obtained
from direct and residual shear tests.
The new features of this software allow the users to:
– Create a test file from data entered manually or imported
– Create a project to perform calculations according to the
selected standard
– Integrate test files to a project
– Elaborate, customize and print their test reports which can be
read without the need of a specific software
The program can be used in a very simple and intuitive way.
A dedicated window allows the user to import data in the test file.
ShearLab Reports provides the user with a simple and flexible
graphical interface giving the possibility to view, edit and print all the
parameters involved in shear tests.
The input information is the following:
– Settlement in mm
– Time in min
– Horizontal displacement in mm
– Force in kN
In the project management window, the Software automatically
calculates the shear parameters:
– Peak strength in kPa
– Residual strength in kPa
– Peak displacement in mm
– Residual displacement in mm
Laboratory coefficients of:
– Water content
– Densities
– Void ratio
ShearLab Reports automatically draws the curves of shear and
compaction, hence performing all the calculations required by the
standard. Comments on the current project can also be added if
– Shear stress (kPa) / Horizontal displacement (mm)
– Settlement (mm) / Horizontal displacement (mm)
– Shear strength (kPa) / Normal stress (kPa)
PC specification:
– Operating system: Windows XP or more recent.
Supplied complete with connection cable


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