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STANDARDS: ASTM D4318 | AASHTO T90 | BS 1377:2
UNI 10014 | UNE 103-104 | NF P94-051
The plastic limit determines the lowest moisture content of a soil, by
wich a sample can be rolled into threads Ø 3 mm without breaking
the same neither longitudinally or transversely.
The set complete with carrying case comprises:
S178-01 Glass plate 300x250x10 mm
S178-02 Rod caliper Ø 3 mm
V114-03 Mixing porcelain dish Ø 120 mm
V192 Flexible spatula, 100 mm blade
V122 Aluminium moisture tins Ø 55×35 mm (Q.ty 6)
Case dimensions: 400x340x100 mm
Weight: 5 kg approx.
Note: each item can be ordered separately.


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