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This Electrical Density Moisture Gauge is a “nuclear-free” alternative
for determining the moisture and density of compacted soils used
in road beds and foundations. This portable, battery powered unit is
capable of being used anywhere without the concerns and regulations
associated with nuclear safety. Its user-friendly step-by-step
menu guides the user through each step of the testing procedure to
established curves for the material being tested.
Easy-to-use the Gauge can be used as a construction aid to monitor
day-to-day compaction operations by providing performance and
measurement results highly comparable to those achieved with
traditional methods, including the nuclear gauge and/or sand-cone
and oven moisture test combination.
When conducting a test, the instrument measures and displays the
results for wet and dry density, gravimetric moisture content and
percent compaction.
It does not require a highly-trained technician.
It does not require special handling for shipping or the regulatory
compliance for hazardous materials.
It is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use with its step-by-step menu.
Lightweight and easily transportable.
It is accurate and repeatable with results that mirror known
testing methods.
Dry density accuracy: within 3% of standard tests.
Moisture density accuracy: within 2% of standard tests.
The Gauge includes: Console/Case, 4-tapered 6” darts, hammer,
soil sensor and cables, dart template, temperature probe, battery
charger, field verifier, safety glasses.
Dimensions: 533x432x203 mm
Shipping Weight: 16 kg approx.


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