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Matest has developed a dual bladed automated sawing system for fast, accurate cutting of cores, prisms and slabs prepared using Matest’s
range of asphalt compaction machines; GYROTRONIC-Gyratory Compactor, ASC-Asphalt Shear-box Compactor and ARC-Asphalt Roller Compactor
for Four Point Bending (4PB), Two Point Bending (2PB), Overlay tester (OT), Semi Circular Bending (SCB) and wheel tracking tests using
Matest/ Pavetest’s range of leading edge testing systems.
It includes: cooling water recirculation pump, tank and protection cabinet with interlocks to ensure operator safety.

Two saw blade design ensures for perfect parallel cutting.
Motorized feed with automatic retraction of saw carriage.
Electronic control unit with touch screen colour display, that
runs like a standard PC based on Windows operating system.
Adjustable cutting speed.
Slabs and prisms can be sawn safely and accurately.
Jigs also available for trimming 100 and/or 150mm diameter
Facilitates cutting rectangular beams, trapezoidal prisms,
overlay test specimens, semi-circular & wheel tracking
specimens, and cylindrical specimens.
Simple spacer system allows precise preparation of
beams and cylinders from 38mm to 160mm long, without
the need for measurement.
Other dimensions can be accommodated using integral ruler.
Adjustable limit switches facilitates repetitive cutting with
minimal saw carriage travel. Secure specimen clamping.
Choice of mechanical or pneumatic.
Protective enclosure, with safety interlocks, combines clean
operation with unparalleled operator safety.
Dynamic breaking system stops saw blade rotation when
power is switched off.

Matest’s new APS-Automatic Pave Saw is the next generation fully automated asphalt sawing system with integrated specimen clamping.
The APS offers fast and accurate cutting of rectangular beams, trapezoidal prisms, overlay test specimens, semi-circular specimens,
and trim- ming of cylindrical specimens.
The APS uses two blades to ensure perfect parallel cutting of
cylinders and beams at set intervals from 38 to 160 mm long.
If equipped with proper blades, the APS cuts not only asphalt but
also several other materials.
The APS is controlled using Matest’s tried and proven iTouch
electronic control unit with touch screen colour display for perfect
cutting of specimens for AASHTO, ASTM and EN standards without
the need for manual measurements. It is the safest and most
advanced asphalt cutting saw available on the market and is the
perfect companion to our range of advanced asphalt preparation
and testing equipment.
The APS is capable of cutting prismatic specimens up to 240mm
high and a cutting length up to 700mm and cylindrical specimens
up to 200mm diameter. The APS can be configured using one or
two blades, with a large range of jigs and fixtures to cut rectangular
beams, trapezoidal prisms, overlay test specimens, semi-circular
& wheel tracking specimens, and trim cylindrical specimens
accurately, with excellent parallelism and perpendicularity. Various
alignment blocks, guides and reference spacers allow operators to
easily achieve the most commonly used dimensions specified in
a range of international standards with little or no measurement.
Any other dimensions can be accommodated with the aid of an
integrated ruler.
The iTouch controller allows the operator to easily control the cutting
speed and sequence and a series of adjustable limit switches
minimizes the saw carriage travel during repetitive cutting.
The high grade stainless steel work surface and associated corrosion
resistant components ensures the unit will perform well and
look good for many years.
The protective enclosure provides a high level of operator safety
and protection from water spray. Safety interlocks prevent the operator
from opening the enclosure and accessing hazardous areas
while the blade is rotating. Once the cutting sequence has finished
and the blade has stopped rotating, the enclosure is unlocked
One or two blade concept
Blade Diameter(s): 650 mm or 700 mm
Blade Speed 1,400rpm (50Hz) or 1,680rpm (60Hz)
Adjustable cutting speed, min 40 mm/min max 200 mm/min
Max Cutting Depth 200 mm (with 650 mm blade diameter) or
240 mm (with 700 mm blade diameter)
Cores 100 or 150 mm diameter (38 mm or 200 mm diameter on
request )
Max Prism Length 700 mm
Cooling water recirculation pump and tank included
Net Weight 500 kg approx.
Parallel (Dual blade) cutting distance: 38 mm to 160 mm at set
Dimensions 2370 mm (L) x 1340 mm (D) x 1670 mm (H)
Air Supply 600 kPa (for pneumatic clamping option)
Power Supply:
400V 50Hz 3ph, 230V/220V 50Hz 3ph (B040)
400V 60Hz 3ph, 230V/220V 60Hz 3ph (B040X)
208V 60Hz 3ph (B040Z)

B040-01 APS DIAMOND BLADE, 650 mm diameter (q.ty 1 or 2)
B040-02 APS DIAMOND BLADE, 700 mm diameter (q.ty 1 or 2)
B040-03 SET OF SPACERS for mounting the APS Diamond blade,
650 mm diameter (needed for B040-01)
B040-04 SET OF SPACERS for two blades configuration (needed
for two blades configuration)
B040-05 SPACER for one blade configuration (needed for one
blade configuration)
B040-06 DISPLACEMENT TRANSDUCER for the control of the
blade position
B040-07 PNEUMATIC CIRCUIT (needed with Pneumatic cutting jigs)
If equipped with pneumatic cutting jigs, the unit requires compressed
air, minimum 8 bar
B040-10M APS manual Multi-Slab/Prism jig suitable for slabs
and prisms with the following dimensions:
40 – 240 mm depth x 700 mm length.
B040-10P KIT APS automatic Multi-Slab/Prism jig suitable for
slabs and prisms with the following dimensions:
40 – 240 mm depth x 700 mm length.
B040-12M APS manual trapezoidal specimen jig for two point
bend (it requires B040-10M or B040-10P-KIT).
B040-13M APS manual core docking jig for
Ø 150-100-60-50-40-38 mm cores.
B040-13P APS automatic core docking jig for
Ø 150-100-60-50-40-38 mm cores.
B040-14 Instrumentation for Overlay test, wheel tracking core,
semi-circular and disk shaped compact tension
specimens (it requires B040-13M or B040-13P).


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