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STANDARDS: EN 12697-1 | ASTM D2172
Used to perform reliable analysis on bituminous mixtures utilizing
the perchloroethylene (PCE) or tetrachloroethylene solvent which is
classified: R40 (not cancer producing*), for quantitative determination
of binder or bitumen contained in pavement samples and hot
mixed mixtures.
The system performs in only one complete automatic cycle:
– the washing, disaggregation and separation of the bituminous
– the separation of the filler from the solution formed by
solvent, bitumen and filler;
– the recovery and distillation of solvent material allowing a
further utilization.
The unit comprises:
– An electromagnetic sieving unit, insuring high quality
double vibrating action (vertical/rotational), with solvent
spraying cover for washing and disaggregation of the
– A continuous flow filterless centrifuge having rotation speed
of 11000 rpm equipped with a stainless steel beaker
Ø 120 mm, filler capacity approx. 400 g.
– A solvent recovery unit having reclaiming capacity of 50 l/h,
equipped with cooling system switching ON and OFF the
unit to automatically perform the test.
– A separate control panel allows to program all these
functions in a fully automatic system. It is also possible
to select the manual control.
This unit is supplied complete with:
– Two stainless steel beakers Ø 120 mm
– Four stainless steel sieves Ø 200 mm openings:
0.063 – 0.250 – 0.800 – 2 mm
– Sieve Frame only Ø 200 mm to improve the
capacity of the first sieve.
– Set of O ring gaskets for sieves.
Power supply: 400V 3ph 50Hz 5.5kW
Overall dimensions: 1400x680x1820 mm
Total weight: 185 kg approx.
Note: * it is possible to use also the Trichloroethylene
(CHC1:CC12), but as per 2001/59/CE Directive, it is
classified “R45”, and therefore considered a dangerous
solvent. (Toxic and cancer-producing)

“All in one” automatic cycle.
Fast analysis reducing extraction costs and time.
Complete extraction in approx 25 minutes
(3500 g mixture per extaction).

B008-01 Beaker, Ø 120 mm, stainless steel AISI 304 made,
with solution heat-treatment
B008-02 Sieve Ø 200 mm water seal with O ring gasket (when
ordering please specify mesh opening).
B008-05 Sieve frame only, Ø 200 mm
B008-06 Seal rings, for the Sieves. Pack of 10 pieces.

B008-11 LINING PAPER for centrifuge cup.
Dimensions: 370×200 mm. Pack of 100 pcs.


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