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B054 Ductilometer


Used to determine the bituminous ductility, that is the distance to which a briquette of molten bitumen can be extended under controlled conditions, before breaking. The Ductilometer basically consists of a moving carriage travelling along guide ways. The carriage is driven by an electrical motor, inside a large tank is fitted with digital thermostat, immersion electric heater, cooling coil for cold water circulation and pump unit.

Max. traction force: 300 N, accuracy: ± 0.1 N
The ductilometer can accept up to 3 specimens simultaneously.
Supplied complete except for the briquette mould and base plate that must be ordered separately (see accessories).

Power supply: 230V 1 ph 50 Hz 750 W
Dimensions: 1880x360x680 mm
Weight: 95 kg


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