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ZORN ZFG 3.1 | Light Weight Deflectometer

New product generation

Since the beginning of 2021, we have our new generation, the ZFG 3.1 with the proven mechanics, in the range. Get to know the advantages of the new electronics below. Maintenance, repairs if necessary and the annual calibrations are of course still possible for all model generations.

ZFG 3.1 – Light Weight Deflectometer

The current ZFG 3.1 is even easier to handle, lighter and, above all, more convenient than its predecessors. Just like its counterpart ZFG 3000, the intuitive menu navigation of the ZFG 3.1 enables even inexperienced users to safely perform and evaluate the dynamic plate load test. The ZFG 3.1 is an upgrade to the existing ZFG 3.0 and comes up with new, interesting functions.

Integrated WLAN
ZORN now makes data transmission via WLAN (Wi-Fi) standard with the new model. The very popular ZORN WLAN SD card is no longer available. Toshiba discontinued production of the base card without warning in the summer of 2020. So we had to come up with something and found room for a chip on the motherboard. Compared to the WLAN SD card, the integrated WLAN is more convenient to use. No fiddling around with different cards. Two clicks to enable WLAN in the settings: Done.

Background: fast online transmission of Evd measurement data is becoming increasingly important for ZFG users. In 2019, ZORN successfully introduced the D plus, which connects the ZFG accelerometer to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. However, there is still a majority of users who prefer a “real” electronic box for their ZFG. For them, the ZFG 3.1 is the perfect choice: a customized measuring device with independent software that ensures you can always measure and send their data (with online access) to the office or to the client. The ZFG Viewer app developed for this purpose also makes it even easier to create protocols.

Ergonomic handheld device is made of robust plastic (Bayer polycarbonate Makrolon). Power supply via 4 commercially available R6 batteries (Mignon/AA) for approx. 1500 tests (included). Resilient full leather pouch for protection against dust and spray.

Advantages compared with other measurement methods

  1. Testing in confined areas, e.g. pipe trenches, bridge underpasses possible without problems
  2. Load vehicle no longer necessary
  3. Shortened test duration of only 2 minutes
  4. Easy handling and evaluation


Improved GPS Receiver

Recently we were not satisfied with the quality of the position data (GPS) provided by our devices. For the ZFG 3.1 we can now offer and improved internal receiver as an accessory. This catches the signals of up to three different satellite systems (GNSS) simultaneously, namely GPS, Galileo and GLONASS. This improves the horizonal accuracy to two meters, compared to the three to five meters we had with GPS only (all values CEP) As usual, ZFG 3.1 can be supplemented with a  thermal printer. Further accessories can be found on our website.

Easy handling

You get the result in just 2 minutes.

The operation of the ZFG Light Weight Deflectometer is convenient and simple, as already during the design and development phase great care was taken to automatically exclude incorrect measurements by means of an internal plausibility check. This ensures that even a non-expert can operate the Light Weight Deflectometer properly after a brief instruction and perform precise measurements for soil compaction.

The measurement results can be stored and printed immediately on the construction site. Use the ZORN D plus here, it automatically connects your Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth with the Light Weight Deflectometer and makes handling even easier. Perform measurements as usual, create full-fledged test reports with FG software and send them immediately by e-mail. All in one go. Works of course also with tablet computers.