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Our innovative ZFG can be expanded with the following options:

ZORN D plus

Wireless kit for ZFG for Android and iOS smartphones or tablets.

Do you prefer to use your smartphone? Why not also during compaction testing on the construction site? With immediate effect, you can connect your Lightweight Deflectometer ZFG to mobile Android or iOS terminals.

Undertake measurements, then prepare complete test records and send them straightaway by e-mail, all with the smart terminal of your choice AND your usual ZFG!

Yes, you understood correctly. You do not need to purchase a new Falling Weight Deflectometer from us; simply rejuvenate your proven device. All you need in addition is a ZORN D plus and our free app.

Simply connect the ultralight ZORN D plus to the sensor connector on your ZFG instead of the cable and connect to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. Start the free ZORN D plus app and undertake the dynamic plate load test as usual. With a couple of clicks you can then prepare a complete test record. You can then send the document by e-mail or messenger service as required. That is how efficient quality testing with your ZFG works.

In addition to the measurement of the deformation modulus Evd, the ZORN D plus also provides other useful data. It determines the air temperature directly at the test point and warns about the risk of frost. The GPS co-ordinates of the measurement are determined directly at the test point. Photographs and information about the soil material tested, the weather or other conditions on the construction site can be added to the record easily.

Technical features ZORN D plus:

        –    Dimensions:                    Wide approx. 150 mm
–    Weight:                           100 grams
–    Sensor connection:        6.35 mm stereo audio jack
–    Connection:                     Mobile device, Bluetooth
–    Power supply:                 Rechargeable internal battery (mini-USB)
–    Two LEDs:                       As indicators
–    Languages:                     German/English

ZORN D plus software can also downloading right here.

More than 10,000 Lightweight Deflectometers ZFG from ZORN INSTRUMENTS are already in use on road and railway construction sites in Germany and across the world. A resilient design and the unsurpassed workmanship make ZORN devices exceptionally durable. With the ZORN D plus you can ensure the modern operation of your ZFG also in the future as well as the efficient processing of your test results. A Falling Weight Deflectometer from ZORN really will serve you for your professional life.

Of course, we continue to market our proven electronics as well. You have the choice. The ZFG is available as a new device in a set with wired control and analysis electronics and with a ZORN D plus for working wirelessly. The loading plate and loading device have an ergonomically optimised design.

ZORN ACC 4 Air Cargo Case

The safest packaging for your ZFG – unbreakable, weather-proof and dust-proof

  • Safe storage and protected transport for ZFG loading devices (10 and 15 kg)
  • Robust, extra light plastic body – total weight only 12 kg
  • Length: 123 cm, width: 42 cm, height: 40 cm
  • Stackable
  • Can optionally be retrofitted with wheels suitable for construction site use
  • All-round sealing against water spray
  • Weather-resistant
  • Dimensionally accurate PU foam – all device components firmly fixed
  • Ergonomic, folding handles with rubber coating
  • Easy to open, robust catches
  • Optimal transport packaging for the car, truck, sea or air freight

Folding transport trolley for our Lightweight Deflectometers ZFG

Transport trolley for ZFG 3.0

Transport trolley for ZFG 3000

For safe transport on the construction site of the Lightweight Deflectometer ZFG incl. complete accessories.


 Thermal printer

Thermal printer in aluminium case with compartment for tester

Magnetic base for ZFG 3.0, ZFG 3000 and ZFG 15 kg loading device

Weight: 1.3 kg, serves as a safe place to store the loading device while aligning the ZFG loading plate

ZFG 15 kg loading device

15 kg loading device (Evd 70–105 M N/m²)