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STANDARDS: AASHTO T378-17 Standard Method Test for Determining the Dynamic Modulus and Flow Number for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)

AASHTO T378 Standard Method of Test for Determining the Dynamic Modulus and Flow Number for Asphalt Mixtures

B274 KIT Triaxial testing Kit
B270-01 Triaxial cell, suitable
for Ø 100 mm
x up to 200 mm tall
B293-01 Pressure transducer (± 300kpa)
B200-03 105 mm top loading platen
B270-16 Ø 105 mm base pedestal
for 150 mm height specimen

B200-01 AMPT LVDT 2.00 mm (3 needed)
B270-04 Air reservoir assembly confining pressure upgrade jig
(needed for DTS-16)
B270-03 Air reservoir assembly with confining pressure control
(needed for DTS-30/130)
B253-53 Gauge point (24 pieces needed)
B201-52 5 minute, two part epoxy 24 ml
S311-03 Sealing ring Ø 100 mm
B201-53 100 mm rubber membrane 0.3 mm thickness (pack of 10)
B202 Gauge point fixing jig
B203 AMPT dynamic verification device
B200-10 Latex membrane material cut in Ø 100 mm discs
(needed for AASHTO T378)
Requires pressurized air, minimum 7 bar (not included)


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