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InstroTek Guard1™

Guard1 Human Occupancy Detector provides security personal
and carriers a tool to quickly and effectively detect
stowaway in containers. The ability to detect stowaway,
person hiding inside a container, is critical and reduces
threat posed to homeland security.

The Guard1 is battery operated and is designed for
continuous operation with a built in pump and an infrared
sensor that is used for sampling human CO2 emissions. The
alarm settings and software allow for easy detection of
human presence in containers.

Guard1 is portable and lightweight and can be readily
transported by an inspector. The pump and detection system
is connected to a probe that is 2-3 ft long and a centimeter
in diameter (1/4 inch).

Shipping Organization can be liable for fines and other
costs if stowaway is found in cross border shipment.
Detection of CO2 levels, accurate to parts per million,
provides shipping organizations to quickly, safely efficiently inspect
containers and eliminate liabilities and potential threats caused by Stowaway.


  • Homeland Security
  • Transportation Organizations
  • Ports
  • Security Organizations
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Search and Rescue