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B059M Fully Automatic Penetrometer


SMARTIP is a smart automatic apparatus for the determination of the needle penetration value.

The instrument automatically reaches the contact point before starting the test and the penetration result is measured thanks to a high performance
contactless displacement transducer. SMARTIP can be implemented with the device for an automatic measurement of electrically conductive samples (model B059M-01), in order to improve the material tested range.


  • Fully automatic test.
  • Automatic identification of the needle contact point and needle positioning, avoiding any possible operator lack of concentration and ensuring a reliable repeatability of the results.
  • Electro-magnetic needle probe release to perform the test.
  • Automatic zero at the contact before starting penetration
  • Penetration measurement thanks to a high-tech contactless displacement transducer with 0.01 mm resolution, in a range of 0 – 50 mm.
  • 7″ touch screen display equipped with an userfriendly software and clear interface.
  • Real time display of penetration/time curve, average result and test temperature.


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