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The fast and simple way to perform your SCB tests

Meets TP124 (I-FIT), ASTM D8044 (LSU method) and IDEAL-CT (TTI Method) ASTM D8225

InstroTek’s Auto_SCB is a precise and versatile device for conducting mechanical testing of asphalt mixtures at a fraction of the cost. Able to run various versions of Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) test, Auto_SCB helps pavement designers and maintenance practitioners predict the cracking potential, performance, and ductility of asphalt mixtures.

The extremely universal and automatic Auto_SCB is capable of running several other performance tests with user-friendly programmable features. The touch screen display and intuitive controls allow for rapidly setting new test parameters and monitoring test data in real time. Auto_SCB can accommodate a wide range of test accessories to run asphalt performance tests such as IDT strength and IDT creep compliance and is able to operate in load-control and displacement-control modes.

Now Engineers and Researchers alike have a new and cost-effective tool for improving the performance of asphalt mixtures.

Illinois Flexibility Index Software – I-FIT

Asphalt Testing:

  • SCB (IFIT and LSU Methods)
  • DIRECT SHEAR on asphalt interlayers


  • SCB Compatible Test Fixture
  • Color touchscreen display 320 x 240 pixels
  • 8 analog A/D inputs, for load, displacement, etc.
  • Fully automatic test process with real-time acquisition and a graph of load/displacement or load or deformation versus time curve
  • Removable memory capable of storing 1,000s of tests

Additional Specifications

  • Weight: 130kg (300lbs)
  • Height: 145cm (57″)
  • Foot Print: 50cm W x 45cm D (20″ W x 18″ D)
  • Power: 110/120V (220V optional)
  • Max Compression: 50kN (11,000lbs)
  • Max Tension: 25kN (5,600lbs)
  • Ram Speed: 0.01 to 51 mm/min (0.0004 to 2.0 in/min)
  • Ram Travel: 100 mm (4″)