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S228N Lightweight deflectometer


Dynamic plate load test.

Used in earthwork and road construction to determine the soil bearing capacity and the compaction quality of soils and non cohesive subbases, as well as for soil improvement applications. The test method is suited for coarse-grain and mixed-grain soil having maximum grain size of 63 mm. The test method may be used to determine the dynamic modulus of deformation of soil in the range Evd = 15…70 MN/m².

ADVANTAGES over the static plate load tester:
  • Immediate evaluation of each measurement
  • Only 2 minutes per measurement point
  • Time and cost-saving
  • No need for construction plant as kentledge
  • Easy to handle by one person
  • Ability to test in inaccessible locations

Being easy to handle and providing immediate measuring results, the Light Weight Deflectometer is additionally suited for monitoring intra-company operations. It facilitates quick decisions for continuing construction work at the site.

The tester is supplied complete with loading unit, load plate, measuring instrument with SD card and instructions (in weatherproof full leather carrying case)

Total Weight: 30 kg approx.


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