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S223D KIT Plate bearing equipment, 3 dial gauges, digital measuring


Analogue measuring system with dial manometer.

The plate bearing test equipment, with 100 kN capacity and 3 dial gauges, includes:

  • S222-01 Hydraulic jack 100 kN capacity, complete with hand pump, rubber pipe with fast connector, set of extension rods of different lengths, carrying case.
  • S222-02D Digital pressure gauge 0-100 kN, div. 0.5 kN.
  • S226-05 Load plate Ø 300 mm.
  • S226-12 Device for centre dial gauge measure, with spherical seat.
  • S222-03 Datum bar assembly, 2.5 m long, telescopic, aluminium made, adjustable in height, complete with base supports, plumb and spirit level. Packed separately.
  • S377 Dial gauge 25×0.01 mm
  • S226-16 Articulated dial gauge support with adjustment device.

Weight: 60 kg approx.


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