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S213-05N CBR-Marshall machine 50kN, 3 speed, analogue measurement


The frame is provided of three fixed speed ranges, easily selectable with a frequency changer (inverter) activated by an electric switch:

1.00 mm/min. for CBR tests (as Australian and old BS Standards)

1.27 mm/min. for CBR tests

50.8 mm/min for Marshall tests.

Supplied without load ring and accessories which have to be ordered separately.

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50/60Hz 750W
Dimensions: 450x400x1200 mm
Weight: 130 kg approx

NOTE: The frames S212N and S213-05N are suitable also for tensile splitting tests (EN 12697-23, ASTM D6931, AASHTO T283) by using the specific devices.


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