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S165-01KIT Cone digital penetrometer


The cone penetrometer consists of:

  • Aluminium base with levelling screws and spirit level.
  • Chromed vertical rod with micrometric vertical displacement device
  • Digital readout of the penetration values.
  • Readings in mm and inch, with 0.1 mm resolution. LCD 5 digits display, with zero set in any position.
    Power: 1.5V battery.Slider, brass made, with free fall, stop and release push button, automatic zero set.
  • Stainless steel penetration test cone 35 mm long, 30°angle
  • Weight 20 g.
  • Two brass cups Ø 55×35 mm and 70×45 mm

    Dimensions: 220x170x410 mm
    Weight: 13 Kg approx.


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