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S143 KIT Particle size distribution – Pipette method


Pipette method

The complete set comprises:

  • S144 Andreasen pipette, 25 ml capacity, for an accurate extraction of the quantities of soil in suspension for analysis.
  • S144-01 Pipette stand to accurately raise and lower the pipette with no transmission of vibration to not disturb the sample suspension.        Weight: 10 kg
  • S144-02 Sedimentation cylinder, 500 ml capacity
  • S144-03 Rubber bung for cylinder
  • S144-04 Evaporating dish, glass, Ø 90 by 50 mm height.
  • V172-03 Soil hydrometer, long stem, 0.995 to 1030 g/ml.
  • S155-04 Glass tank, dimensions: 600x300x380 mm.
  • S155-09 Heater, professional type, complete with thermostat, cooling coil, circulation unit. Alternative: S155-09S simple type
  • S155-10 Thermometer, range 0 – 50 °C, subd. 0.5 °C.

Total weight: 40 kg approx.

NOTE: each item can be ordered separately.


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