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The PANDA is a lightweight penetrometer with variable impact energy and computer-aided immediate analysis of the measurement results.

    •    The handy measuring device for subsoil analyses and assessments

          (Case size 55 x 43 x 21 cm, weight 18 kg)

    •    Testing also in cramped and difficult to access points
•    Windows GEOSPRINT software with scientific database

          (integrated geotechnical correlations: CBR, CPT, SPT…)

    •    Variable tip sizes (2 cm², 4 cm²)
•    German user interface option (NEW!), local service for German customers

Practical design, of flexible application

The measuring device developed in France by Sol Sojution is excellently suited to soil investigation. It is also used for monitoring the quality of the compaction, for instance during the final check on backfilled road openings. Due to its handy size and the low weight, the PANDA probe is excellently suited to the investigation of difficult to access points, as well as backfill, pipe trenches and dike systems. Even horizontal investigations are possible.

Standard test method used on the French railways (SNCF)

PANDA is standardised in France (NF P 94-105). As a standard method, it is used by the state railway company SNCF, among others. There the device provides indispensable service during construction supervision.

German service & sales

In Germany, PANDA is increasingly used in hydraulic engineering, for monitoring dams. It is also used for the geotechnical
investigation of difficult to access areas in preparation for construction work.
ZORN INSTRUMENTS is the exclusive PANDA distributor for German customers. The range of Lightweight Deflectometers ZFG is appropriately enhanced in this manner.

PANDA makes it possible to obtain additional data in comparison to other penetration tests (DPL, CPT, SPT or similar). The impacts are applied manually with the aid of a 5 Kg hammer. This feature permits the flexible adaptation of the impact intensity to the resistance of the related soil layer. Compared to soundings with constant energy, the resolution of the measurement is significantly improved. The penetration energy and the penetration depth of the probe tip are measured.
Depending on the material, test depths up to 7 metres can be achieved. The electronic control unit for the PANDA probe offers numerous possibilities for immediately viewing and evaluating the measurement data. The GEOSPRINT software supplied also makes it possible to create complete records of results on a Windows PC. The integrated scientific database is of particular value for the PANDA user. It offers valuable support during the interpretation of measurement results and their correlation with other test methods.