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H017 Universal educational testing machine, 20 kN


The machine has been designed to measure strength of metallic materials and study the various reactions they undergo when subject to different stresses, verifying the same with the following tests:

  • Tensile test
  • Shear test
  • Compression test
  • Flexural test
  • Brinell hardness

This machine is primarily for educational purposes and intended for the use in higher educational institutes or universities and allows students of material science to have a hands-on approach to applications so far studied at a theoretic level only.

Components of the machine:

  • 30 kN (160 bar) manometer
  • 50 mm full scale analog dial indicator
  • 250 bar pressure transducer
  • 50 mm travel displacement transducer
  • 8 channel digital indicator

Power supply: 230V 1ph 50-60Hz 70W
Dimensions: 600x600x850 mm
Weight: 60 kg approx.


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