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H011-01N Tensile/compression machine, Servo-plus evolution control unit


Universal tensile/compression machine, motorized, measuring system with Servo-Plus Evolution control unit (fully automatic model).

The four columns loading frame is overdimensioned to assure high rigidity and stability. The loading piston, double action, is rectified and lapped. The piston is foreseen of an hydraulic maximum and minimum piston stroke’s security device, by avoiding any damage risk due to wrong manipulations of the unit.

An hydraulic selector allows to select the tensile or the compression test. The heads holding the jaws are obtained from only one block of high tungsten steel, while the jaws are hardened over 65 HRC. The “V” autoclamping form allows a quick and practical churking of the specimen.
The machine is supplied complete with pair of jaw-holders, but “without” accessoires for the tensile and compression tests, which must be ordered separately (see accessories).


  • Maximum tensile load: 500 kN
  • Maximum compression load: 1500 kN
  • Distance between the jaws: min. 300 mm – max. 400 mm
  • Distance between the compression platens: 340 mm
  • Distance between the columns: 270 mm
  • Piston’s stroke: 100 mm
  • Precision and repeatability: ± 1% of read value
  • Power supply: 230 V 1 ph 50 Hz 750 W
  • Dimensions: 780x420x1700
  • Weight: 850 … 900 kg


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