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B038A SMARTRACKER™ – Multi wheels hamburg wheel tracker


The most versatile Wheel Tracker on the market able to perform EN and the USA AASHTO tests. The machine is designed to allow researchers and practitioners to conduct tests under dry (in air) and/or under water (wet). Now you can perform wet or dry test with both wheels or run one wheel under dry and one wheel under wet condition simultaneously during a single test.

The Hamburg wheel tracking device can be used to determine the resistance of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) to rutting and moisture sensitivity. Matest model “SmarTracker” meets and exceeds EN and AASHTO.

It is intelligently designed with innovative features and the needs of the end users in mind. Determine the creep slope, stripping inflection point and stripping slope with this state of the art and user friendly machine.
MATEST SmarTracker has been developed by our R&D engineers and scientific in association with some of the most experienced and reputable industry experts in the USA and the world.


  • Comply with EN 12697-22 and AASHTO T324.
  • No lifting of heavy wheel assemblies. Wheels retract automatically away from samples and park into rest position.
  • Sturdy machine, designed for the rugged construction laboratory environment stainless steel sample tanks.
  • Two independent loaded wheel systems each capable of conducting wet or dry sample tests simultaneously.
  • Sliding sample positioning mechanism for easy mould handling and placement in the machine.
  • Does not require lifting of heavy wheel components.
  • Fully Automatic machine. Detects and stops the test when the target rut depth is reached.
  • Touch-screen control unit based on Windows operating system for user friendly execution of the test, management of the data and visualization of the results.
  • Each of the two wheel assemblies is equipped with displacement transducers for rut measurement.
  • Mechanical recirculating water bath for temperature control within ± 1 °C.
  • Easy to load, unload, drain water and clean the unit after each test.
  • Small footprint to accomodate small construction labs.
  • Covered by US Patent.

It is available also the model B038A-15 for the Mexican market.


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