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B026N PAVEMIX – Asphalt laboratory mixer


Automatic Asphalt Large Laboratory Mixer, 32 litres capacity

The PaveMix has been expressly designed to prepare homogeneous bituminous mixtures at a strictly controlled temperature.
The preparation of the bituminous sample is obtained in a short time period (a few minutes) to avoid any mechanical aggregate degradation and to fully coat all mineral components, as requested by EN 12697-35.

The mixer produces representative samples to perform:

  • Gyratory compaction tests (EN 12697-10, EN 12697-31)
  • Marshall stability tests (EN 12697-34, EN 13108)
  • Wheel tracking wet and dry tests (EN 12697-22)
  • Slabs compaction laboratory tests (EN 12697-33)
  • Beam fatigue and Stiffness tests (EN 12697-26, EN 13108)
  • Asphalt general purpose tests.

PaveMix consist of:

  • Main frame holding a horizontal stainless steel bowl with a helical mixing shaft.
  • The bowl, double wall insulation made of stainless steel AISI 316, contains an electric heater with probe sensor granting constant and uniform temperature control.
  • An electromechanical motion allows to tilt the bowl to get easy the unloading operation, with total rotation up to 130°.

Heating power: 3000 W
Power supply: 230V 1ph 50/60Hz 4500 W
Dimensions: 1280x700x1210 mm
Weight: 350 kg approx


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