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A150N Elastic modulus on rocks

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Elastic modulus of rock specimens in uniaxial and triaxial tests
Automatic System with pace rate control also when releasing the load.

It can be used with a Matest high stability frame with capacity of 2000, or 3000 kN coupled to the Automatic Servo-controlled system “Servo-Plus Evolution” (mod. C104N).

The appliance includes:

  • Hydraulic system: The combination of a step by step motor and a high-performance valve allows a micrometric action on the pace rate, granting excellent results in the control of the load during both loading and unloading phases. A laser position detector allows a rapid positioning of the piston and a very accurate touch point. This grants a touching sensitivity of test starting of about 0.1 ‰ of the maximum capacity. When used in conjunction with the C104NLP (see p. 70) for the application of the side pressure, the hydraulic system permits to maintain the pre-load level with extremely high accuracy.
  • Electronic measuring system: The digital control unit, controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor, can manage up to 8 high resolution channels for the control of load cells or transducers with strain gages bridge. The unit contains two Analogical/Digital last generation converters with 24 bits resolution. Data acquired from the system con be used for a further processing.
  • Data acquisition and processing software UTM2 (Universal Testing machine 2) with License for Elastic Modulus on Rocks: This software gives the possibility to use pre-set profiles of the main Standards or modify/create personalized profiles.

The user must enter data concerning the specimen and the kind of test. The appliance manages the average deformation value read by the transducers and processed by the digital unit, than it transmits all tests data throught a serial port RJ45 (Network Connection) to a Personal Computer (not included with the Software). This data will be processed by the software and transformed in load/deformation and load/time graphs, following the specific Standards.

The software gives the possibility to print on a standard printer a test certificate reporting all data and graphs concerning the test and the specimen. The software includes the license “Servonet” mod. C123N. The extensometers (proposed in two versions: A and B) are not included in the supply and must be ordered separately (see accessories).


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