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A125N Digital point load testers

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Used to determine the strength values of a rock specimen both in the field and in the laboratory.
They consist of a load frame for applying loads, on which a manual hydraulic jack is mounted.

The applied load is measured by a high precision electric load cell with a digital display unit range 0-56kN proving: 65.000 divisions, 0.001 kN resolution, linearity 0.05%, hysteresis 0.03%, repeatability 0.02%

Core specimens up to 4″ (101.6 mm). Easy reading of the distance between the conical points thanks to a graduated scale.

The strength index (IS) is got by the formula P : D² where P is the strength and D the space between the two conical points. Supplied complete with wooden carrying case, goggles, accessories.

Dimensions: 400x530x720 mm
Weight: 25 kg approx.

Two models available with different load capacities:

  • A125N: load capacity 56 kN
  • A126: load capacity up to 100 kN


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